dad’s particles~

particle beach

particle beach

So…everytime I return to Madeline Island, I will think of this spot at “particle beach” in honor of my father, Arthur Haerle.  He loved to come up to the big lake and enjoyed camping on “Outer Island”, one of the Apostle Islands with Ella Holzhacker, his wife.

I know this is the place he wanted to be “released”…..back to the universe, as he had shared this with my sister. I was astounded and so lucky that the weather elements cooperated with me in shooting this space and time to honor Dad. All our family journeys growing up were on or next to a body of water, lake or ocean. Back to the universe you go dad~

I love you, always,

xox Lynnae

rocks to let go...

rocks to let go…

One thought on “dad’s particles~

  1. Lynnae , anyone who knew your dad, Susie,and you, would feel honored that you shated this. I feel as though I was with you all, sharing in his last moments; such an apropriate time and place.

    I love all of you,


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